Mair Property Funds presents:

Getting Started in Commercial Property 

Tips, Traps and Cash Flow Strategies

Getting Started in Commercial Property: tips, traps and cash flow strategies is a practical guidebook designed to give you a simple behind-the-scenes look at commercial property investment.

While many invest in commercial property seeking consistent cash flow and capital security, too often they are disappointed by higher-than-expected vacancies, hidden costs and lower-than-promised returns.

This guidebook has been created to  provide you with industry  knowledge, market intelligence and examples of what to look for and what to avoid when making a commercial property investment, so you have greater confidence to make better decisions and avoid some common mistakes.

The guidebook covers these topics:

  • Is commercial property right for you?
  • Does size matter? 
  • When due diligence pays off: case studies in acquisitions research
  • Strength in numbers: why commercial property investors are joining forces
  • How does an unlisted commercial property trust work?
  • Adding value through refurbishment and expansion: an asset management case study

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